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As a local real estate professional a commitment to client satisfaction is a top priority. Whether you are considering purchasing a home, or selling an existing property, an outstanding level of service is guaranteed with me representing you in your next real estate transaction. I provide real estate services in Palos Verdes, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, and in other local real estate markets.

Hilltop Circle

Dear James,

As impossible as it seems, we're coming up on the anniversary of selling 18 Hilltop Circle.  I woke up this morning thinking of you, and what a wonderful, wonderful job you did for us.  Instead of just throwing some spaghetti at the wall to see how much would stick, you developed a brilliant plan.  We both worked so hard to make it work-I've never been so physically exhausted in my life!  But, it was worth it - the place looked so pretty, and the price looked so intriguing, and you did exactly what you intended to do - built a buzz among the realtors.  And got three offers in five days - in the LAST nanosecond before all hell broke loose in the economy!

I am so proud of that accomplishment for both of us.  All of us -- I know who taught you a lot of what you know!

We are doing so well now, you'd hardly know us!!  We ended up renting for now (good time to be renting) on Lady's Island, outside of Beaufort, SC, and are unbelieveably happy.  I've taken up painting, and Mah John, but best of all, I'm finishing up writing a novel that I know is going to sell, and sell well!  and, having a great time doint it!!  It just shows you how fantastically one can arise from the ashes of despair!  All things are possible beyone our wildest dreams.  

With Love, 
Haden and Ed Yelin

From Judy Daily Graham

"My Dad and brother have asked me to write to you on behalf of our family.  We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude for your outstanding professional expertise and the many kindnesses you showed to us while in the process of selling our family home. 

We came to think of you as "Mr. Magic" because every time we experienced a difficulty or a challenge, you made it disappear.  From your enormous bag of resources, you produced help whenever it was needed.

Thanks for all your guidance in helping us to show our place at its best.  Our lovely ocean front property was "home" for 45 years - the selling of it was a difficult time for us.  You were sensitive to those feelings from the beginning and made every effort to make the process easier.

Coordinating a home sale in California with the owners living in Colorado and Florida couldn't have been easy...it required lots of good communication.  You never failed to respond to all of our concerns with prompt and constructive thoughts, suggestions and solutions. 

Thank you for selling our home in good time and for an amount very close to the asking price.  We believe that the buyer, in the midst of negotiations, must have come to feel the same thing that we did - a trust in your honesty and dignity.

We will always remember that during the time we were seeking a real estate agent to represent us, fortune smiled and you walked in."


Judy Daily Graham
(Jeff Daily and Jim Daily)

From The Mc Grew's

"Dear James,

Thank you for your card and calendar, and the continued American Lifestyle magazine.  They are great!

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have met you and your team for all you did to make the sale of our home go smoothly.

You are the ultimate Professional!"

Best wishes and Happy New Year,
Mrs. Ellie Mc Grew

From Rod Dillehay

"Dear James,
Its been a little over a month since the smooth and successful closing on the sale of my home and I wanted to take a few moments and reflect back on your role in making it all happen.
I selected you to represent the sale of my home because I was convinced that your contacts and marketing efforts within the realtor community would be the factor that would drive traffic and qualified buyers to take an interest in my home.  You came through for me even more than I expected and I saw it happen in two ways:  First, the amount of viewing traffic was initially high and remained sustained through the period of the listing.  Secondly, and even more importantly agents were prepared and excited before they even opened the door because they had talked to you and knew to appreciate the features of my home.  This created an environment for frequent and successful viewings. 
All of your marketing efforts took place in the unfortunate context of the tragic attacks of September 11th.  Despite this backdrop you kept up a positive beat about my home and interest remained high. 
When it came to the negotiation phase you were there to advise me as we weighed multiple offers and conducted negotiations with two well-qualified potential buyers.  In the end I recognized an excellent gain on my property despite owning it for only a short period of time.  I know that your role in marketing and helping negotiate the deal made it all happen, for this I thank you and wish you continued success."
Sincerely and with best wishes,
Rod Dillehay

From Peter Benson

"Dear James,
Just a quick note of thanks for a job well done!
We interviewed quite a few agents for the job of selling our home, and you make the choice an easy one. And done well.
We believe that you delivered a great price for our home and you had it in escrow within 17 days of listing it. And you did this with no yard sign and no inconvenient open houses! You really are something else.
We were impressed by your vast knowledge of real estate, your effort to keep us updated…and of course…your negotiating skills. That perhaps is your best quality.
James, I would recommend you without hesitation to any would-be home seller on “the hill.” It’s refreshing to find a young man with your integrity, sincerity and work ethic.
Continued success and prosperity in the future."
Sincerely yours,
Peter Benson

From Terri Sutton

"To Whom It May Concern:
My husband and I hired James Sanders in the Spring of 2000 to help us sell several properties in Redondo Beach. Our prior experiences with realtors had been so negative that we were skeptical of all such professionals. James proved to be both the exception and exceptional. He represented us in all the sales and helped us to achieve our goals. We are grateful to him for his professionalism, his expertise and ultimately, I believe, his friendship. I can say with utmost certainty, that you should hire James, he will handle all aspects of any real estate needs in the future, including the sales of our personal residence, James will be the only person we call."
Terri Sutton

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